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How do I share my blog on my CBE school Website?

You can share your blog  on your CBE school webpage:



The D2L blog is a personal tool.  You can’t co-write one D2L blog with other D2L users.  When you log into D2L, you can edit YOUR personal D2L blog.  When another user logs into D2L, they can edit THEIR personal blog in D2L.  You only get one D2L blog per person.  D2L does not currently offer multiple blogs per person.

You may want to watch the archive of this CBE webinar about the D2L blog:

One way to involve school staff in using the D2L blog is to have each staff member write their own individual blog and put links to each of the individual D2L blogs in a table on your school website as many schools have done, as in this example:



Here’s how:

Set up your D2L blog to be publicly visible, grab the external url of your D2L blog and update your school webpage the link to your D2L blog.

1. From your homepage D2L, click on the “Teacher Tools” dropdown and select the blog tool.


2. From within the blog tool, click on “Settings.



3.  place a check in the field labeled Allow blog to read by anyone.  (Make sure your individual blog posts are marked as public. You can make all posts public by default in blog settings.)  If you choose to allow comments, it is best practice to also receive email when comments are added so you can monitor those comments and delete any spam.

***If you are retiring or leaving your employment with CBE, make sure you uncheck “allow blog to be read by anyone” and save before you leave CBE to stop your D2L blog from being shared publicly.***


4.  Save.  Return to settings.  (If you don’t see an external URL, remember you have to save to generate the external URL).

5. In “Settings,” copy the entire link under “External URL.”  (This is the link that will take people to read your blog. Remember the blog is a personal tool, associated with a particular user who will update that blog.)

6.  Create a link on your school website that links to this “external url” you just copied.  Your school likely has someone who updates the school webpage.  Ask your school webmaster for help in linking your blog to the school webpage.  Please see this link for instructions on how to add the link to your D2L blog to your school webpage:

If you don’t have anyone at your school or if you are unsure who that is, talk to your principal.  With the principal, send an email with your external D2L URL to the CBE’s school website Administrator/Developer Leslie Miller. Include the following information:

  • Name of your school
  • Name of author of D2L blog (ie: you)
  • Your school webpage url (ie:
  • Your D2L blog external url (ie:
  • Where on your school webpage you want the link to the D2L blog (under which tab or dropdown… maybe send a screenshot)

There are other approved web 2.0 tools you may want to consider as well:

If you prefer not to host the link to your blog on your school website, you can put a link to it in a news item, widget or on the navbar inside your D2L shell so that students must be logged in and authenticated to leave a comment.